VIDEO: Entitled Teen Tramps Around For Days, Comes Home To Heinous Surprise

An entitled 13-year-old girl thought that she could live like a single lady and even dress like one. She disregarded her parent’s rules and left home, not to return for three days, when she decided to come back to the comfort of her caregiver’s paycheck. Instead of a warm welcome, the young teen was met with a massive dose of discipline.

According to The Inquisitr, the unnamed child was met in the street by her father and other people, who are presumably various family members, including her mother who filmed the alarming incident. The dad was irate, as most parents would be, that his little girl did what she wanted and dressed like she was debuting in a sleazy Beyoncé music video. He whipped off his belt and began ruthlessly beating her with it.

While this jaw-dropping incident may seem highly distasteful and disturbing, unfortunately it actually happened. According to World Star Hip Hop, a father was involved in a physical altercation with his 13-year-old daughter. Although the video clip is only 19 seconds, it definitely speaks volumes.

The urban site reports that a man beat his daughter in the street as a form of discipline for her rebellious behavior. He claims that he was reprimanding his daughter who had been “missing for three days.” The teenage girl’s parents alleged that she’d been intimately involved with a number of teenage boys during her disappearance, and the evidence was posted to her Facebook account. However, her name was not revealed.

The whips were accompanied by hardcore weave pulls, as is typically involved in these brawls. The girl’s tight dress rides up and she flails about, trying to get away from dad’s wrath, who adds insult to injury by saying,  “You 13 hoe.”

While there is a general lack of discipline in our country, particularly in inner city ‘hoods, the most credit we can give this dad was that he lives in the home with his family. You can verbally instruct your child and let them know what they did was wrong, but degrading verbal abuse just perpetuates the rebellious behavioral issues in the teen. At the end of the conversation, they should feel bad for their actions, not resent you for words that you said out of anger.

Spanking a child with a controlled hand is one thing, but some would say that a belt takes things too far. However, her actions are inexcusable, leaving the home for days on end without accountability.

Parents should have more control over their children and their whereabouts. Parents need to get to know their children’s acquaintances. When disappearing acts like this are pulled, they will know who to call and where to look.
The parents in this situation are as much to blame for their daughter’s disrespectful behavior, as she is for her own actions. Discipline like this, heinous name calling to your kid, will only backfire by driving the teen to look for love in all the wrong places. From the looks of things, it appears that’s what she was doing for three days that got her in this fight in the first place.

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